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Welcome to Poly Prep's remote learning platform, our school away from school. Online learning helps us maintain the integrity of our academic program in all three divisions and demonstrate how creativity, resilience, and collaboration in the face of crisis can sustain us all. Though we miss our beautiful campuses, we are privileged to connect remotely. In trying times like this, the power of education to nourish individuals and transform societies is brought into even sharper relief. How lucky we all are to be able to continue our education in ways no previous generations were able to do; let’s celebrate our shared purpose and our community as we look ahead to better, healthier days.

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Our teachers and staff miss you as much as you miss them. Enjoy their messages in these videos, compiled by math teacher Stephen Bates.

Be well, and stay connected!

Recent Updates

  • Have you seen your new schedule? It takes effect on Monday, 4/27.

  • See the 5th Grade perform the Poly Song on our new Arts Student Spotlights page

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What's happening during Friday community enrichment time?

  • Look out for weekly notices from our Dean of Student Life, Alex Davis. Join us for virtual assemblies, academic discussions with experts, film screenings, and much more!

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  • Visit the Arts page regularly for new content from our students and faculty.

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  • Visit our Technical Support section for troubleshooting tips and ways to connect with our technology support team.