Inspired by the Getty Museum’s art challenge, whereby people seek to recreate an artwork from the museum’s collection with household objects or members of their family, students in the Middle and Upper School sections of the course “Creating and Curating with the Brooklyn Museum” embarked on their own art challenge. Having studied the Brooklyn Museum’s American paintings all semester, students chose an artwork from the online collection, then scoured their homes and imaginations to recreate it! These contemporary renderings recontextualize our understanding of history and our own visual worlds while engaging us in some much-needed creative play.

Try this on your own! Head to the Brooklyn Museum’s Online Collection, find a work that appeals to you, and then get creating! Snap a photo of what you’ve made and share that along with the link to the museum artwork. Please fill out this form to submit your work. We’ll post our favorites here!

Creating and Curating with the Brooklyn Museum

Upper School

Nacho N ‘21 created In Quarantine in response to the Museum’s Queen Victoria Lying in State by Emil Fuchs (1901).

Max C ‘20 created Sailor Jupiter Assisted by Roses in response to Jesus Ministered to by Angels by James Tissot (1884-1894).

Talia M ‘21 created Girl in Her Mother's T-Shirt and Her Dog in response to Mary Cassatt’s Woman in a Red Bodice and Her Child (1901).

Hailey T ‘21 created Fort Greene in response to Stephen Salmieri’s Coney Island (1969).

Mati H ‘21 created Things Stolen from the Ginza Cabinet in response to Ginza Cabinet (1982).

Middle School

Creating and Curating with the Brooklyn Museum

William LR '24 created On the Wall in response to On the Heights by Charles Courtney Curran (circa 1909).

Danielle J '24 created Girl in a Red Hoodie and Her Brother in response to Mary Cassatt’s Woman in a Red Bodice and Her Child (1901).