The Poly Song

The Performing Arts Department is excited to share several upcoming "virtual performances." Here, we preview our first virtual performance which will feature the entire 5th grade performing "Far Down on The Heights Called Dyker" better known as "The Poly Song". As part of a long-standing tradition, 5th-grade students learn the school anthem in the spring and perform it for the senior class at the final assembly of the year. While we might not have the opportunity to share the song in person this year, we thought this project would be a great way to boost community spirit, honor the senior class, and feature our talented 5th grade!

Poly Prep 5th Grade Singing the Poly Song.mp4


Jordan G. _Poly Prep 5th Grade '27.mp4
Jesse R._Poly Prep 5th Grade.mp4
KailynnH.'27_Poly Song_.mp4

Student Creativity

Michael G.

Coffehouse Preview


Izzy A. '21

"This piece is a work-in progress, excerpted from Frederick Chopin’s Scherzo no. 1 in B-flat minor written in 1835. The music is very challenging because my hands must move quickly across the keys and respond to contrasts within the piece. When I miss a note, I’m reminded that by high school my piano teacher had already won an international competition with this piece. At first I was deterred by the lack of a distinct melody, but when I began to learn the piece, I began to appreciate the complexity of the melody and its artistry."--Izzy


Athena C. '21

"Quarantine With Me"


This semester, the Introduction to Acting classes were tasked to embody a Rockstar of their choosing. Through class exercises, external research, and individualized rehearsal sessions, each performer worked hard to “become” their music artist, from mannerisms, to gestures, quirks, unique traits, and performance styles. This Rockstars video showcase is a culmination of their work in this module. You now have the chance to watch each minute-long video clip from all 23 performers. Enjoy the variety of creative performances in this immersive, music experience by following the link below, and remember to vote for your favorite Rockstar performance!