NY Tough

NY Tough is a representation of the human spirit as it prevails through the trying times of the quarantine. Dancers were asked about their daily life, what their schedule consisted of and how the restricted space was affecting them. We discussed the concept of environmental choreography with the focus on nuance, detail and storytelling as opposed to larger tricks. Students were then asked to independently recreate a moment of their day, infused with their own choreographic language. We discussed all of the feelings that emerged through the creative process and dissected media portrayal of the virus. In one of the many press conferences that have become the all too familiar soundtrack of the time, Governor Cuomo had referenced the concept of being New York Tough. As New York students in a time of crisis, the idea of being NY Tough really resonated and feelings of togetherness, even through isolation, emerged. This piece was created as a nod to our frustrations and anxiety but also to celebrate the New Yorker's ability to persevere and triumph.

NY Tough Video - ADV. DANCE Project.mov