Gabe G. '23

Gabriel G ‘23


1) Leaf Picture: This is a drawing of a leaf I actually found in my closet. It was really flat and very crumpled, so I thought I could attempt to draw it. I drew it during a series of classes where we focused on shading and realistic drawing. It was a good way to practice my shading, as there were many small and complex shading spots.

2) Abstract Picture: This actually took me some time because it is made up of literally anything that I saw in my room or anything that came to mind. It starts in the middle and expands as new things come to mind. The middle came from the smudges from my window, and I imagined it as if it were filthy, full of slime, and waste. I used the tortillon a lot to make it seem dirty but also very visible, since it is in the center. I then began experimenting with the idea of curves and straight lines forming really neat clouds around it. After looking at all the straight edges in my room, I decided to contrast all the curves with really straight and acute lines. I used shadows and lines from my desk. Then I went back to the idea of clouds and curves because of what I saw looking out the window. Below, the large shapes are inspired by the abdomen of an insect flying around my room. Finally, I finished with a liquid squeezing its way out of the center of sludge, markings, and intense shading.