Collection Quarantine

Noah G. '23

I call this “Collection Quarantine”. The first picture is a still life of toilet paper and is what kicked off my idea for my final project. This still life represents consumption during this time and the high demand demotes certain items that didn’t used to exist. The next photo is also a still life, but one I set up, this one is of where I do all of my schoolwork and school online. The one after that is a surrealist photo, of heads all around my bedroom. It represents boredom and me moving around my room with nothing to do. The one after that is a self-portrait. The self-portrait is split to show that I am going crazy from the quarantine, and the background shows the world in shambles. The second to last photo is of another bedroom. This bedroom is in the house we are renting outside of the city. It represents escape because I have left the city but still trapped because you can’t see out the window. The last picture represents environmental impact. It is hands coming from the ground, but they are bleeding.