Lower School Art

Weekly synchronous classes encouraged students to look at their world with fresh perspective and to find inspiration all around them. Nursery through Kindergarten created rainbow signs of encouragement to post in their windows for neighbors and essential workers. They built sculptures from different materials including boxes, paper, and clay. Grades One and Two examined the work of Romare Bearden and developed warm and cool color collages using colored paper, cereal boxes, newspapers and magazines. They also experimented with line to create 3-D effects within their Zentangles™ and zen doodles. Third and fourth graders created gesture drawings before learning about Keith Haring and creating drawings in his style. Grades One through Four learned about the Surrealist movement and the game, Exquisite Corpse, followed by an exploration of photomontage and the work of Hannah Hӧch and Lorna Simpson. The entire Lower School participated in the highly popular “Found Object Color Wheel Challenge,” using found objects such as toys, boxes, and household items. “It’s been a treat to see and engage with our enthusiastic young artists each week.” LS Visual Arts teacher Patti Smith P’20. “It’s been heartwarming and enriching to connect with our students and continue the creative process of making art together ‘outside of the box’ of the lower school art studios.” adds LS Visual Arts teacher Heidi Zarou ‘86, P’22, P’22.