Henry I. '20

Research Question

What is the best kind of bridge that I can build to allow horses and tractors to cross the stream?

Artist Statement

By constructing a small modified beam bridge, horses and farm vehicles will be able to cross the stream with ease. There are many different types of bridges, each one unique in its own way. But, certain landscapes provide a better environment for some bridge types than others, so my first step was researching the proper nomenclature for bridges and how or why they were designated to certain landscape types. Originally, I planned on making four small model bridges (something I would have been able to do in a classroom), however due to Covid-19 moving me out to the countryside, I figured why not make a real bridge that will get used frequently? While yes, the real bridge has caused many more challenges than the models would’ve, I figured that the best way to learn about bridge construction is to try it myself. Already I am learning from mistakes and becoming more precise in each step of construction. The most challenging aspect of my project, thus far, has been digging holes deep enough to cement the main four posts into the ground. The landscape surrounding the stream is either soft wet mud or large boulders. To avoid the boulders, I had to precisely plan where each post was going into the ground. While my bridge still is not fully completed yet, I am very excited to show off my final project!

Creative Work