Jesse C. '20

Research Question

How does media use perspective and psychology to strike fear in their intended audience?

Artist Statement

My piece is an informational video about the different ways horror films psychologically scare us. The actual short film I made at the end doesn’t really have any symbolism, but it has certain hidden elements to further my point about subtlety in horror. I provided the viewer with examples of certain effective horror films like the Shining (1980) and Hereditary (2018) just to give the viewer some basis as to what good horror looks like if they have never been exposed to it before. I then break down individually what makes a good horror flick and scene. I mention the many techniques of cinematography, editing and sound, and within each explanation I provide my own examples using these methods and filming my own work.

My project was originally going to be only a short film with actors and a script, but due to COVID-19, I was unable to. The main idea of this work is to explain and discover what makes horror scary, in a more technical sense. The issues I’m facing are more internal, and I feel as if my piece isn’t creative enough; however, I realized through making this project that editing and a more documentary style video are art forms in and of themselves. I explain the construction of horror while constructing and editing it all together. The actual short film I show at the end is heavily inspired by the short film Lights Out which I speak about earlier on. The horror genre is an incredibly diverse and interesting genre of film. It’s something I’ve been fascinated by for as long as I can remember and I wanted to be able to share the amount of detail and skill one needs to produce an actual good piece of horror.

Creative Work

Please be advised that this project contains adult content.

Jesse Crook Senior Plan Horror.m4v