Max C. '20

Research Question

Is there a difference between girls/women being feral and girls/women being wild? Why or why not? Do the social constructs of innocence and purity, as well as how these constructs are defined, have an effect on girls’ ability to be feral?

Artist Statement

The concept of feral vs wild is something I find takes a long time to verbally explain. However, it is very easy to look at something or someone and categorize them as feral or wild which is why I decided to explore these two terms through fashion. I based this project on three bases. The Arkteia ceremony in ancient Greece, the 2017 novel by Jennie Melamed Gather the Daughters, and the 1995 film directed by Rachel Talalay Tank Girl. Arkteia is a perfect example of fertility and what it means, the character of Tank Girl in Tank Girl is wild and untamed. Gather the Daughters occupies the space between wild and feral, and represents both ferality, wildness, and the barrier between them. Because of this, I created not three but four looks, The first represents ferality and the Arkteia. The second is a response to the character of Janey in Gather the Daughters, a character who tries everything to hold onto her ferality but in the end, is not able to as she dies from her efforts. The third is based on the character of Amanda, also from Gather the Daughters, and expresses the idea that the line between ferality/childhood and adulthood (but not necessarily wildness) can only be crossed once. Finally, the fourth look serves to explore the idea of wildness through the character of Tank Girl.

Creative Work

Max Coplin final.pdf