Middle and Upper School Learning Support

Middle and Upper School learning specialists are available to continue to meet with Poly students and faculty in 20-minute weekly intervals to discuss effective virtual learning strategies and provide resources as needed. For content-specific support, students should continue to contact their teachers as a first resource. Please scroll down to book an appointment with a learning specialist.

Learning Support Specialists

If you would like to schedule an appointment with a learning specialist, you may email them or select their calendar below to pick a date and time. Once submitted, you will receive an invitation that will include the appointment details such as date, time, and Google Meet or Zoom link for the session.

Juliet Moretti

Learning Support

Department Chair

Grade 5-12

Middle School

Maria Diaz

Learning Specialist

Grades 6 & 8

Victoria Finocchiaro

Learning Specialist

Grades 5 & 7

Upper School

Sarah Bond

Learning Specialist

Grades 9 & 11

Angelica Pillier-Odate

Learning Specialist

Grades 9 & 10

Please note, a Poly account is required for these resources. Parents, please explore these resources with your child, using their school account.

Please note, a Poly account is required for these resources.

Learning Support Parent Breakfast Presentation

Learning Support Parent Breakfast 5_8_2020.pdf