Middle School Assembly - 4/17/2020

Hello Middle School!! Welcome to our Middle School Assembly!

Today Mr. Bates will begin by kicking off (rekindling) Word of the Week in the Middle School. Following that, three teachers (Mr. Dilley, Ms. Elko and Mr. Rearick) and one MS Student (Beckett Zrihen) will be sharing their new hobby/talent in this time of pause and Virtual Poly.

Enjoy and thank you for taking the time to watch. Stay healthy and be well.


Ms. Davis

Please note, the below videos require you to be logged in to a Poly Prep account in order to view. Parents, if you wish to view these videos, please ask your child to load the page on their device so that you will have permission to view.

Word of the Week! - Mr. Bates

Word of Week 4_17.mp4

Faculty Hobbies and Talents!

John Rearick's Hobby:Talent.mov
Dilley crochet video (1).mp4
Ms. Elko's New Hobby:Talent.MP4

Student Hobbies and Talents!

Beckett Zrihen.MOV