Middle School Assembly - 6/5/2020

Hello Middle AND Upper School!! Welcome to our Final LIVE Assembly!

Today we will celebrate the Major Awards winners from both divisions. Please use this link to access the assembly program at 11 AM, Friday, June 5, 2020.

Enjoy and thank you for taking the time to tune in. Stay healthy, safe and be well.


Ms. Davis

Recognition Awards

2020 Middle School Recognition Awards

Congratulations to the following recipients of the recognition awards presented this year:

The Dance Award

The Dance Award is awarded to students who have participated in the Annual Spring Dance Concert for four consecutive years through class and/or club membership. Unfortunately, we were a month shy of the Dance Concert Performance this year when school closed; however, all students that are being awarded were primed, practiced and ready to set foot on the stage. Although Covid-19 did not allow our return to school, these students are still very much worthy of being honored.

This year we would like to honor Isabella Donovan, Genevieve Fitzpatrick, Grace Fountaine, Nina Harris, Ella Nelsen-Adams, Kelly Regan, and Kaia Scott with the Middle School Dance Recognition Award.

NY Math League

The New York Math League is an annual competition held in schools between many private and public middle and high schools across the region. Students are given 30 minutes to correctly answer as many questions out of 35 as possible. The competition allows students to engage in mathematics in a way that is familiar to them, but also opens up the idea that mathematics, like sports and video games, can be competitive in nature. This year, students in grades six through eight competed back in February. Congratulations to all the award recipients:

GRADE 6: 1st Place: Noah Pessin; 2nd Place (tie): Lucas Powers-Wostowicz and Grover Howell; 3rd Place (tie): Eric Barbiere and Momo Mandelbaum.

GRADE 7: 1st Place: Calder Glass. 2nd Place: Sebastian Ferre 3rd Place (tie): Parsa Aghazadeh and Matthew Jordan.

GRADE 8: 1st Place: Reyhan Sanchez 2nd Place: Junie Blaise 3rd Place: Anais D'Haene

Math Olympiad

The Math Olympiad award is given to the student with the highest cumulative score across the four math olympiad contests administered this year.

This year's award winner is Ben Rosano.

Grush Award

Presented to the 8th grader who has demonstrated a love for the art of writing and a sensitive appreciation for literature.

This year the Grush is awarded to MaKiyah Turner-Hicks and William Ling-Regan.

National Latin Exam

Each year over 125,000 students all across the English-speaking world participate in the National Latin Exam. Poly has been participating in the Exam for over 20 years, and we regularly have winners at all levels, from Introductory Latin through Level 6 Literature.

This year the Award recipients in the 7th grade Introduction to Latin are:

Jacqueline Malone (with ribbon), Matthew Brooks (with ribbon), Abigail Ben-Ur, Maxwell Penachio, Jayden Forsythe, Frances Brooks, Dylan Hunter, Griffin Allen, Sacha Mendelson, Joaquin Klossner and Ryan Geisler

The Award Recipients in the 8th Grade Latin Level I are:

Chantal Guthrie – Gold Summa Cum Laude, Junie Blaise – Gold Summa Cum Laude, William Ling-Regan – Gold Summa Cum Laude, Liam McCummings – Silver Summa Cum Laude, Kason Sabanzon-Chambers – Magna Cum Laude, Marco D’Orazio – Magna Cum Laude, Iliana Borges – Cum Laude, Jordan Millar – Cum Laude, Mary Howell – Cum Laude, Henry Schilling – Cum Laude, Marisa Triola – Cum Laude and Ella Lille Yerington – Cum Laude